Thursday, April 28, 2011

for posterity

Kristi is having her senior pictures taken this afternoon by the same person who took our family pictures last fall before Brennan left on his mission. I was checking out her photography blog yesterday and lo and behold, there was our family. I hadn't looked at the blog since she took Brennan's pictures a year ago. Since we didn't purchase these particular pictures, I don't have a copy of them. But now that I can steal them legally from her blog, I will post them here just so I have them! They are really for me, but feel free to love them too. haha

Friday, April 8, 2011

3 Nephi 5:13

Yay! Elder Shaffer finally sent his camera card with over 400 pictures on it! Proof positive that he really is in Kentucky doing what he claims to be doing.

Can you tell what these elders are standing on?

If you said, "By golly, I believe it's a frozen swimming pool!", you would be correct.

Next up - do you remember the song, "Humble Way" from Saturday's Warrior? Well, that's what this picture makes me think of, so insert lyrics here. (haha) And here's a good spot for a roadside nap.

A snowy eastern landscape.

And Brennan's first possum sighting. Yummmm, dinner anyone?

Highlights from a recent letter:

1) Brennan sprained his ankle playing basketball on the March 21st P-Day, and the doc told him he had torn some ligaments and that it would be 3 weeks before he could put much weight on it, and then 6 before it would start to be “semi-healed”. But then his companions gave him a blessing, and he reported that a miracle occurred and he was healed. (!)

2) Before a woman they had been teaching could be baptized, she had to be married. But none of her family could come to the wedding, so she asked Brennan to walk her down the aisle and give her away. So he did, and said it was a “cool, cool experience”. She was baptized the next day and Brennan believes she will be a “true kingdom builder”.

3) He promised more details about this one later, but mentioned that he had taken his first punch as a missionary, straight in the jaw, by a 300-pound . . . girl. He said we’d be proud that he “took it like a champ”.

Good stuff.