Monday, March 21, 2011

odds and ends

Ahhhh, March 21st, the first official day of Spring. I was pondering this earlier this morning (early as in 5:30 a.m.) when I was out shoveling the driveway and brushing 3 inches of snow off the cars. It looks like Spring hasn't yet sprung in western Nevada.

With the Spring Solstice comes Kristi's birthday just three days away. This is a big one -- eighteen! She seems to be handling it in stride, as 'adults' do. No wishes of a birthday party or anything particularly special -- maybe dinner and a movie over the weekend with some close friends but that's about it. She did promise to give me a birthday dinner request, but nothing yet. Although it's hard for me to believe my little girl is turning eighteen, it seems like she's been grown up for a long time now. Like for years. I love her like crazy and feel so privileged to be her mom. Here are a few pictures of her cute and fun self:

We had a youth talent show in our ward last week which Austin was in charge of (to earn a Varsity letter). He worked hard and it was a great success. He and his good friend Adam acted as MC's, and did a fabulous job between acts telling jokes, etc. He wore his dad's high school graduation suit which is a plaid baby blue and quite striking.

He was in a couple of skits with Adam as well . . .

Notice Kristi sleeping in the back seat of the 'car' in this one:

And then the two of them did the FUNNIEST 'midget dancing' skit. They found it on Youtube and practiced and practiced. Adam's taller, so he was the face out front -- Austin provided the arms.

You should check out their inspiration if you haven't seen it -- so funny. They used the same soundtrack, everything. And were just about as good.

Start at minute 2:45 to see their routine. It will make you laugh.

Brennan's email today was short so I thought I could just post it here. His trademark enthusiasm shines through!


Okay I only have 10 min to email because we are going to E-Town to play some basketball!!!!! So good to see your pictures -- so so so so so good. AUSTIN, DALLIN, And KRISTI, I miss you guys so much. I love you guys a ton and it looks like you guys are doing so great!

Well mom this week we have been able to keep up 13 new investigators!! And we taught 29 lessons. The ‘standard of excellence’ every week from the First Presidency is 20 total lessons and 7 new investigators. So watch out, Kentucky, we are tearing it up! We also have another baptism this weekend, Nancy Curtis, and I am so excited for that one. Its been so dang warm here and its awesome. I'm loving it, i really am. It’s starting to get humid though and i hate the humidity!! Thanks so much for all the packages. I got them all and I'm so grateful for all of them!! Thank you so much mom! Gosh dang keep sending me pictures!! I'll send you my memory card this week so I can hook you up with some pictures, along with a letter because this email is so short. I've been lifting alot as well, so I'm back up to almost 170 in muscle. You know I'm loving that!! And I've been able to play basketball every p-day for awhile so thats been good, but MORE IMPORTANTLY the work here is exploding, it really is. We are working pretty dang hard in talking to EVERYBODY we see walking all the time and I love it!!!! Okay I’ve got to go -- sorry for the short quick email. I'll write you a letter. I love you guys so much!! Great to see you all in the pictures!!

Elder Shaffer

So, do you think 'dang' is a Kentucky word or a missionary word?? haha. If he ever sends pictures - I'll post some!

Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!