Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my head is spinning . . .

We are just a couple of days from the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, which is always a momentus occasion! Usually I am anxiously anticipating a noticeable slowdown in our daily pace. However, the past couple of years have not brought such a dramatic slowdown, and this year will be no exception. And so, as I spent some time with the calendar on the eve of turning the page to June, I started making a list of things to do to prepare for all that is ahead in our lemonade-sipping, fly-swatting, slowdown summer . . . and my head started to s-p-i-n.

Here's what we'll be up to in June and July:


~ EFY for Brennan & Kristi (which includes a 5-day visit for me with my mom!)
~ a week's vacation in Santa Cruz for Austin and his best friend's family
~ Pioneer Trek for Keith, Brennan, and Kristi (Keith was the "Trek Director" this time around and wow, what a major undertaking; he is amazing)
~ Boy Scout N.Y.L.T. (Nat'l Youth Leader Training) for Austin for a week 3 hours away
~ a basketball tournament in Sacramento for Brennan's summer traveling team
~ a weekend trip to San Fran for Kristi to see "Wicked" with a girlfriend's family
~ a whitewater rafting trip on the American River for the Teachers & Priests (which will include Brennan and Keith)
~ our family's trip to Utah for a visit and for the Lowe Reunion!!


~ Lowe Family Reunion
~ Girls' Camp for Kristi and me
~ scout camp for Austin
~ 2 basketball tournaments in Sacramento
~ Keith and Kristi's church history road trip

August looks like it will slow down a bit, with possibly only a visit from Kristi's BFF MacKenzie, try-outs for tennis, 2-a-day football practices, and a canoe campout for Keith and his Teachers quorum.

In years past we spent at least one day a week lounging and playing at Nevada Beach up at the south shore of Tahoe.

My big kids have a thousand memories of those days, but as they've gotten older and busier, it is harder and harder to devote a whole day each week to that blissful leisure. How sad is that? I am planning to squeeze in as many days at Nevada Beach as I can this summer, despite everything else that's going on.

I've been working a couple of mornings a week at Keith's office lately, and although I am happy to help, it sure throws me off my groove! It helps that I have a big crush on my boss, but I really, really don't know how moms work outside the home. And some do it every day! Wow, I think I would go crazy.

Dallin is really excited to put up our backyard pool and swim his days away. I've been thinking that maybe my head will spin much slower under water, so I may have to join him.

One day at a time, and enjoy each moment. Right?!?!?