Thursday, March 4, 2010

Is there something I should know??

Ours is not the perfect family. We have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else. But one thing I count on our 'strength' side is that we do a lot of communicating. Happy communicating, sad communicating, informative, impatient, funny . . . and every other type of communicating. Most days are loud when everyone -and often their friends- are here communicating. We usually know exactly why someone is having a bad day (no sullen, silent sufferers here), and we usually know why someone is especially happy. We are much more verbal than non-verbal.

So it was not typical for me to come downstairs in the morning on Tuesday to find a note taped (with chewed gum, I'm not kidding) to the microwave saying,

"I love you, Mom. -Brennan"

Huh. Certainly a nice way to begin my day. By the time he and the others came down for scripture reading, we didn't have time in our morning rush for small talk and it didn't get acknowledged. When I came home from work that afternoon, the paper now read,

"I love you, Mom. -Brennan"
"I love you more! -Kristi"

Wow, nice.

That evening, after I got home from our RS Bday Dinner, the paper read,

"I love you, Mom. -Brennan"
"I love you more! -Kristi"
"I love you the most! -Dad"
and in little writing in the corner:
"But nothing compares to your favorite, Austin"

This was getting better all the time. Still odd, but better.

Then this morning when I came down, another note was stuck (with more gum) to the original note.

"I love you and appreciate all the little unnoticed things you do. I want you to know I notice them and will miss them . . . Brennan"

What is going on?!?!?!? Have I somehow been diagnosed with a fatal condition? Or has Brennan done something really awful that he hasn't 'fessed up to yet? What is the meaning of all of this non-verbal kindness?????

And more importantly, WHY DOESN'T DALLIN LOVE ME??