Tuesday, February 2, 2010

who would've thunk it?

Isn't life with kids just one interesting ride after another? You think you know them and can predict their every move, and then they surprise you. And that little sequence is played out many times with every child. I can't resist sharing this one.

Since Brennan has been old enough to drive himself to Seminary, I sometimes start his car for him on frosty mornings when he is running late. More often than not, the stereo will start blaring whatever was playing the last time he was in the car. In the past, the blaring music was usually not of my liking. Often it would be rap music, which just isn't what I enjoy hearing at a high decimal level at 6 a.m. (or at any other time). And I would inwardly lament that my son felt differently. From time to time, over the years, I have cheerfully challenged him to better his music choices. But mostly I have said nothing.

This morning when he hadn't come downstairs by 6:15, I ran out to start the car. As usual, the music blared as soon as the engine started. But this time, the blaring music was the Tabernacle Choir singing, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing". I still turned it down, because it was still too loud. But no inward lamenting. This has happened a couple of other mornings and the music has been MoTab or VoiceMale. Weird. I came in this morning and had the following conversation:

Me: Gotta love it to hear MoTab blaring in Brennan's car in the morning!

Keith: (chuckling) I wonder if he's just got us fooled by switching the song before he turns the car off the night before.

Kristi: No, he listens to this music all the time!

We all shake our heads in wonder.


Switch of topics, but I can't resist sharing what I have been calling A Victory for Virtue. Last weekend, our high school had Winterfest Week. There were activities held all week, culminating in a dance on Saturday night. There were also elections of a Winterfest King and Queen. One of my favorite YW in our stake was up for Winterfest Queen. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She and Brennan have been friends for years.

During halftime of the basketball game on Friday night, the King and Queen were to be crowned. That afternoon, she was telling me that she felt awkward about it because she's not like the other girls and she didn't feel like she belonged in that group. My response was that she should be proud of that fact, as the other girls are far more . . . worldly. Well, Hannah won, much to her surprise, and my faith in the student body of Carson High School who voted for her was mildly restored.

Go MoTab, and Go Virtue!!!